• I'm Stephanie, your average run-o' the-mill-geek . I'm an artist and die-hard Star Wars fan. When I am not blogging, I'm painting miniatures, reading comics and playing video games. I'm also a pretty spiffy cook.

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Welcome Back

Seems I forgot to mention that I’d be going out of the country for a bit before starting this blog. bad timing on my part. With the month of January done and over, and jet-lag behind me – I’d like to once again say “welcome” to my blog.

On a forward note, today couldn’t have been a better day to do it. The roads here in Dallas are currently in less-than-favorable conditions to drive. They’ve been covered in a few inches of ice and the highways are too risky to go out onto. I can’t even get my car out of the driveway. So since I’m all cooped up inside the house, I figured I’d watch some of my favorite movies and get a little cleaning done.

Today’s cleaning agenda? The upstairs loft. I’ve gone through all sorts of collections in my time and I have a tendency to hold onto things longer than I should. Sadly, my loft has been the gathering point for all these silly things. So today I’m going through and using Apartment Therapy’s rules for decluttering my life to try and give this space a facelift. Hopefully it works.

Stay tuned for the before and after shots. 🙂


Oh thank heaven…

…it’s twenty-eleven? A bit cheesy, but with the New Year already upon us I figured it was time I stop being so shy and actually publish a blog for once. 2010 was an interesting year for me and I often wish I had documented much of it. I got pretty hardcore into crafting, and made a lot of new friends along the way.

One of my biggest accomplishments for 2010 was completing a Mechwarrior/ Battletech costume for A-KON 21 that actually walked like the ones in-game. It took the better part of 4 months from start to finish, but when it was completed the sacrifices I made through-out the year were worth it!

And so, with the new season starting, I’ll put it all into blog format.

What you can expect from this blog?

  • Pictures. lot’s of them. I may not be a photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos when I can.
  • Crazy costumes. <– my specialty. Once I get back from holiday, I’ll be posting more information on my costume for 2011.
  • DIY / How-to’s. As well as neat organization tricks for the cluttered geek/artist.

…and so much more!! If you’re into throwing LAN parties, or painting miniatures or cosplay, I promise you you’ll find interest in my blog. I may not get to post every day, but I’ll be making it my mission to post at least tree times a week (MON/WEDS/FRI).

So to all of you who will hopefully become future readers, let me just say “thanks”. I’ll try not to let you down.



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